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Vehicle classification

Clarifying vehicle classes using SIPP codes and ACCRISS codes. What do they mean, and how can customer confusion be avoided?

Read more about vehicle classification.

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Testing car rental websites

Thorough testing of car rental websites takes a structured plan, discipline, patience, and a robust and reliable method of recording bugs so that they can be prioritised, tracked, fixed and re-tested.

Read more about car rental websites.

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Free Car Rental Website Checklist

Spending a fortune on developing your online reservation platform, yet conversions are down, it feels way short of best in class, and you’re wondering what to do next? This could help you get some clarity, and it won’t cost you a penny!

Read more about car rental websites.

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Customer Personas

How can personas help you focus on what your customers want from your website and your business? This article focuses on customer personas in car rental.

Read more about customer personas.

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Is testing websites worth the effort?

Testing can be time consuming, and is one of the many corners to be cut when building websites to a tight budget. But NOT testing comes with risks...

Read more about website testing.

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Should you display prices on your website?

If a potential customer is trying to find out how much you charge, would it hurt to actually let them know?

Read more about displaying prices on your website.

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International eCommerce websites

What having more than 20 years of international eCommerce experience has taught me.

Read more about International eCommerce.

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What is a responsive website?

What is a responsive website, and why is it so important to have a website which displays correctly on all screen sizes.

Read more about responsive websites.

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What do your customers want?

What do your customers need to help them make a decision on their first visit to your website?

Read more about customer focused website content.

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Writing quality website content

The quality of the content on your website is important not only for your customers, but also for success in search engine results.

Read more about writing quality web content.

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Is your website slow on mobiles?

Websites are often slow because of the way they have been built. This is especially true for mobiles, so here are some common reasons why.

Read more about slow websites on mobiles.

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Web design principles

If you're building your own website, here are some guidelines and recommendations of things you ought to consider.

Read more about things to consider for your website.

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What is User Testing?

Do you have a new website, or maybe you're running a marketing campaign and directing potential customers to a new landing page? Have they been tested to make sure they're user-friendly?

Read more about user testing.

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Selecting images for web pages

Learn how to prevent typical mistakes when selecting and preparing images for your website.

Read more about preparing images for your website.

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Does my website need to be mobile friendly?

Why do websites need to be mobile friendly, and what are the consequences of not having mobile friendly web pages?

Read more about mobile friendly websites.

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Websites That Add Value

How can a cheap website add value to my business? Why do website costs vary so much?

Read more about good value websites.

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Website builders and slow web pages

Why is my website so slow?
How can I speed website up?
Why are many WordPress websites slow?

Read more about using website builders.

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Cheap Websites - Are there hidden costs?

How can some websites be produced so cheaply?
How much should a website cost?

Read more about cheap web design.

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Web form security

What steps can be taken to tackle spam and malicious content being submitted through your website?

Read more about handling malicious content.

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What is a Website Builder?

What is a website builder?
Are website builders free?
Are website builders any good?

Read more about website builders.

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The Importance of Page Speed

Why is my website slow? What can I do to speed up my website? How can I test the speed that my web pages load?

Read more about the importance of page speed.

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Two main HTML tags for search engines

A little understanding about these two HTML tags can have a lot of influence on the amount of visitors your website gets.

Read more about HTML tags for search engines.

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