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Daron Harvey

[ web and AI consultant ]

I help businesses make the best of their online presence with the integration of customised AI Chatbots.

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28 years in online business development, global eCommerce, testing, compliance and now AI.

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How I can help with web and AI consultancy, business analysis, competitor analysis and finding solutions.

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Experience & Reputation

Getting it right will always be more important to me than cutting corners.

My experience over a 28 year long career online spans global corporate e-commerce for a large multi-billion dollar international corporation, to the online development of small independent businesses.

My reputation is reflected in an approach built on passion, personal high standards, meticulous attention to detail, and always providing solutions which put my customer's customers first.

And now?

Having founded Targa e-Commerce Solutions in early 2021, I'm currently more active than ever, providing consultancy, analysis, development and integration of AI chatbot solutions.

I'll be happy to discuss your requirements or enquiries on any of above, and welcome any opportunities to work collaboratively with clients on long or short-term projects.

I am based centrally in the UK with easy access to the major cities, and I have also worked remotely and on site in various locations the US and Europe.


What people say

I worked with Daron for a number of years and had the utmost confidence in his abilities to manage large and small projects, easy and difficult business partners, evolving technologies and ever changing internal organizational shifts.
(G.C. via LinkedIn)

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