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I'm a highly experienced freelance website tester with a keen eye for detail, and a lot of experience in best practices, analysis, problem solving, and bug tracking methods.

I have over 27 years professional web experience from corporate e-commerce websites to small business websites.

A keen eye for detail, and a lot of experience in best practices, analysis, problem solving and bug tracking

Freelance website testing

Why test?

Unfortunately many people... including web designers... feel that testing is to find problems which shouldn't exist. And because they were careful when they built the website and didn't make any mistakes (yeah, right!)... testing often gets overlooked.

So for many individuals testing could feel like an unnecessary and costly waste of time, especially when they're up against a deadline, or working to a low budget which is barely enough to cover the labour cost of building the website in the first place.

But to not test comes with risks!

What is there to test on a website?

Occasionally I'll get asked by the owner of a website to ... give it a quick once over to make sure that it's okay.

For most websites a quick once over will barely scratch the surface and is unlikely to leave anyone confident that the website doesn't have problems. Without a plan of action which is followed closely, there's a very good chance that defects could be missed.

So how do we know what to test?

Testing static websites

Many websites consist of pages which display in exactly the same way to everyone who visits the website. There may be differences in how that website displays on mobile compared to desktop, but otherwise all visitors see the same content, images and features.

Such websites can be considered to be static and therefore usually require far less testing compared to dynamic websites.

Testing dynamic websites

Dynamic websites are capable of being displayed in different ways based on the factors such as customer type, preferences and the selections made during their visit.

Sure it's possible to find broken links, etc., but there could be many different scenarios and variations to test for. So how can they possibly be thoroughly tested without each scenario being clearly defined?

The list of possible scenarios is endless, but even if there are no functional errors...

  • Is it working in line with the business requirements?
  • What are the business requirements for that section, page or specific piece of functionality?
  • Are we to test an update to some existing functionality, and if so, what is it supposed to do now?
  • Does everything work as intended on both desktop and mobile screens?

So guidance is usually required in the form of a test plan and other forms of supporting documentation or instructions for the steps to be taken testing, and what the expected results for each step are.

Testing eCommerce websites

Problems with e-commerce websites can be very costly. Defects can cause you to lose sales, frustrate existing or potential customers, and damage your brand reputation. In fact it could be even worse than that!

One size does not fit all!

Although there are many off the shelf e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce, most larger companies use bespoke solutions to cater for their specific processes, sales systems, stock control, pricing, discounts, customer loyalty programs and much more.

Therefore experience coupled with flexibility in testing is essential.

Test Plans and Test Cases

By outsourcing your testing you might simply require someone to work to your test cases and report their findings in a bug management tool such as Jira. You might also want the outsourced testing to also include test plan and test case preparation in line with your business requirements, whether those are captured in a formalised Business Requirements Document or Product Requirements Document.

You might also need testing to be carried out during unsociable hours to help minimise disruption to customers when website updates are released.

Website technical audit

Don't leave the testing to your customers!

Whatever the size of your website or e-commerce platform, I can help if you need to outsource your website testing.

Outsource your website technical audit

Freelance website testing

Testing Experience

Having worked in global multilingual e-commerce for more than 20 years and freelance for 7 years, the need for testing at all stages is very clear to me.

The value of testing often becomes apparent when sufficient testing wasn't carried and costly website errors were discovered by customers. Is that a risk worth taking?

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